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Stuff We Learned at UofT Conferences

Spring is conference season! The ETO team attended a few University of Toronto conferences, including the Teaching and Learning Symposium (TLS), the IT@UofT conference, and Media Camp 2022

We each pulled out memorable moments from the conferences (some were so "lightbulb-y" that they led to their own extended blogs, coming in June!) to share. Read the Stuff we Learned blog post to learn each ETO staff member's key takeaway, including when to use OneDrive, MS Teams, or Sharepoint, why telling a story helps promote learning, and why some instructors are using audio in their courses.



Register now for CEEA 2022!

This year's Canadian Engineering Education Association/Association Canadienne de L'Education en Genie's (CEEA/ACEG) takes place in person at York University from June 20 - 22, 2022 (with workshops beginning on June 18, 2022). The theme is "Transforming Learners to Transform our World."
Register for CEEA/ACEG


Do you use Zoom cloud storage?

If yes, keep reading! (If you use MyMedia, OneDrive, or another hosted/cloud storage service, you can jump to the next item). A new Zoom recording retention policy takes effect on July 05, 2022. The new policy will automatically delete recordings as they turn one (a very sad birthday policy). On July 05, 2022, any recording older than July 05, 2021 will be deleted. You should act now to download and archive recordings that you'd like to keep. Visit the Academic Collaborative Technology's site for more information.

What should I do if I'm using Zoom cloud storage?

  1. See if you have Zoom cloud recordings
  2. Learn how to download your recordings
  3. Select an option for long-term file sharing (video hosting service (e.g. MyMedia)) or archiving (cloud-based storage service (e.g. OneDrive)).   


Inga prepares for her IT@UofT conference presentation, modeling our motto "use what you have!" (yes, that's a toaster oven box but it was the perfect height!). Read more about presenting at a virtual conference, including practice makes professional, making the most out of a conference slide template, and how she connected with attendees after session.


Designing an online or hybrid course?

A new Flexible Learning Initiative (FLI) aims to increase the range of online learning opportunities at the University of Toronto by supporting development of fully online or hybrid undergraduate courses. Funding will be made available to teams of three instructors who will address a focus area of strategic importance to their discipline, department and/or division as they redesign for fully online or hybrid delivery. 

Deadline for application is June 30, 2022. If you are thinking about applying, and would like some help submitting your proposal, the ETO would be happy to help you put something together (send us a message at fase.edtech@utoronto.ca).



In the April FASE EdTech Tip Sheet, we surveyed to find out if Overleaf (a collaborative online Latex editor) was a tool in (or desired for) use. 199 people shared how they use Overleaf, making it by far our most heavily responded to survey - ever! 
Read the survey results


Quickly tile your open applications

One of Windows 10’s most important contributions to split-screen multitasking is Snap Assist, which makes it easier to select an open application window when you are choosing which applications to arrange on your screen. Learn how to use Snap Assist to make your monitor do extra duty (especially helpful if you're only using one screen). 

View two windows side-by-side

Bonus tip: For even faster tiling, hold the Windows key with your left or right arrow key to send your open window to either side of your monitor! See more window-snapping shortcuts and secrets. (Sorry Mac users; we'll hit you with a tip next week!)


May's Faculty Question(s) of the Week

Each week we answer a real question that we've received about Quercus and other Academic Toolbox tools. Select on the question to read the full inquiry and response. See all faculty questions of the week.

Read the Faculty Question of the Week

How can I retrieve grades for a student who dropped my course? (May 26, 2022) | I had a student drop my course last week. Is there any way to obtain the grade information that was previously entered, maybe from the backend of Quercus?
Why don't the grade totals in Quercus match my own calculations? (May 19, 2022) | The Total Grade calculations for some students are higher than what I calculated on my spreadsheet. Why don't the grade totals in Quercus match my own calculations?
Why can students see all their other courses from last term, but cannot see mine? (May 12, 2022) | According to the Quercus Course Life Cycle, my students should still be able to view my course but they are saying that they cannot. Why? 
See all of the Faculty Questions of the Week posts


Worthwhile listens from around the Web

Instead of reading, we thought we'd mix it up this month with some listening recos!
  1. For the Love of Work  - For the Love of Work returns for season two at a pivotal moment in the world of work as teams begin to adjust to the new realities of the modern workplace; from home, in the office, or both.
  2. Tea for Teaching - This podcast is a series of informal discussions of innovative and effective practices in teaching and learning. This podcast series is hosted by John Kane (an economist) and Rebecca Mushtare (a graphic designer). John and Rebecca run the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching at the State University of New York at Oswego.
  3. EdSurge Podcast - A weekly podcast about the future of education, featuring insightful conversations with educators, tech innovators and scholars, hosted by EdSurge's Jeff Young and other EdSurge reporters.
  4. Faculty Focus Live - This podcast brings instructors and teachers inspiration, energy, and creative strategies that they can utilize in their everyday teaching. 
  5. MADE for UofT - MADE for UofT is a podcast produced by the EdTech Office. It features guests from UofT and beyond and focuses on leveling up our media and design expertise (for educational content creation).


How can the EdTech Office help?

Check out our service catalogue to get started:
  1. Book a consultation - We're happy to meet with you to discuss any element of your course (related to technology, of course!). We can help with your Quercus course, planning your online assessments, setting up your home recording station and more!
  2. Request a new Quercus course - We can create courses for both academic and administrative purposes (though for the latter you might also consider a Microsoft Team). If you're running a program, committee, group (especially one that has students), this might be a great hub for your work.
  3. Request guest Quercus Accounts - These can be used to provide access to external guests or to be used in testing.
  4. Participate in the Remote Editing Process - We've designed a remote editing process that begins with support as you to record your own content (from wherever) and ends with the Education Technology Office to provide editing services and posting to your Quercus course. This is ideal for trimming and cutting webinar recordings. Due to demand, we've decided to continue this service as a regular offering from the ETO.
Looking for 1-1 support? We're happy to schedule individual (or teaching team) consultation(s) to review your course and current stage of design. You can also email us to get started!


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