MADE for U of T | Ep. 11 | Luke Hobson

In Ep. 11 we hear from Dr. Luke Hobson about instructional design.


MADE for U of T | Ep. 09 | Dr. Philippa Hardman

In Ep. 09 we hear from Dr. Philippa Hardman about the role of AI in education.


MADE for U of T | Ep. 08 | ChatGPT

In Ep. 08 we experiment with ChatGPT and ask questions about how it can be used as a tool for instructional designers.


MADE for U of T | Ep. 07 | Lori Beckstead

In Ep. 07 we learn about how to use podcasting for teaching with our guest, Lori Beckstead.


MADE for U of T | Ep. 06 | Christy Tucker

In Ep. 06 we learn about how to build branching scenarios with our guest, Christy Tucker.


MADE for U of T | Ep. 05 | Steven Scott

In Ep. 05 we start the conversation on media accessibility with our guest, Steven Scott.


MADE for U of T | Ep. 04 | Laura Mingail

In Ep. 04 we hear from Laura Mingail on using emerging forms of storytelling and technologies.


Top strategies to improve your teaching in an active learning classroom

What are techniques that other instructors have implemented to address common teaching challenges when teaching and facilitiating in an active learning classroom?