Faculty Question of the Week

"Why can't my students open an MS Stream video I embedded on a Quercus page?"


Faculty Question of the Week

"What analytics can I view for videos I'm hosting on MyMedia?"


Faculty Question of the Week

"How can I download lecture videos that were uploaded to MS Stream by a former TA?"


Faculty Question of the Week

Is the option to 'message students who' available for ungraded surveys?


Weekly Quercus Updates

This week: Canvas Updates: Gradebook & SpeedGrader,This Week's Faculty Question: We have been recording our Zoom lectures and saving the recordings to the Zoom cloud. Students have been able to access the recordings directly in Zoom via a link we posted. However, Zoom has advised us that we are now at 98% of available space. Is there is a way to download the recordings directly to Quercus or some other space? 


Weekly Quercus Updates

This week: Crowdmark Dashboard Update, This Week's Faculty Question:  I’m setting up my Quercus course and I’ve copied over some content from a previous course. I used the Link Validator to check all my course links and it brought up some links with the following messages: external links in this resource were unreachable and links to other courses in this resource may not be accessible by the students in this course. What do these messages mean? Do I need to check all these links? All the links seem to work for me!  


Weekly Quercus Updates

This week: Latest Canvas updates, Upcoming Crowdmark maintenance,This Week's Faculty Question: I have noticed that recordings that I have recently uploaded to MyMedia start muted by default and that I need to manually cancel muting each time I view them. Is there something that I can set so as to start them unmuted?  I've uploaded dozens of recordings without this problem before this so I don't know what I'm doing differently. Has there been an update to MyMedia? Perhaps I am doing something when I am uploading?  


Update on Video Server Access and Playback

As the term starts, sharing and hosting videos will be a large part of how you will share content with your students (either in terms of pre-recorded content or sharing recording of your live course sessions).


Weekly Quercus Updates

This week: MS Stream, MyMedia Updates, more Webinars!