Faculty Question of the Week

"Why can't my students see a file I shared in a module?"


Faculty Question of the Week

"Can I insert a direct link to a module text header on a page or announcement?"


Faculty Question of the Week

"How can I limit page and module access to specific groups of students in my Quercus course?"


Weekly Quercus Updates

This week: Latest Canvas updates, Upcoming Crowdmark maintenance,This Week's Faculty Question: I have noticed that recordings that I have recently uploaded to MyMedia start muted by default and that I need to manually cancel muting each time I view them. Is there something that I can set so as to start them unmuted?  I've uploaded dozens of recordings without this problem before this so I don't know what I'm doing differently. Has there been an update to MyMedia? Perhaps I am doing something when I am uploading?  


New Module Series: Start Strong

Join us this summer the EdTech Office releases a series of self-directed modules, short demos, and hands-on workshops, designed to get you ready to teach your Fall 2021 courses. How much time you commit depends on what works for you! You're in charge of how this program works for you. The ETO's Senior Instructional Technologist, Anna Limanni, has designed a thoughtful and flexible resource to help you design a partially or completely online/remote course.



SCORM and Quercus aren't always the best of friends - but this article includes some tips to help them play nicely together. 


The Q: Pages vs Module Course Organization

You're faced with your first choice - how do you want students to navigate your course?