MADE for U of T | Ep. 06 | Christy Tucker

In Ep. 06 we learn about how to build branching scenarios with our guest, Christy Tucker.

Ron is the Chief Operating Officer at the University of Toronto.  His primary expertise is in large-scale capital redevelopment, campus operations, and sustainability.  He is a Professional Engineer with both an undergraduate and masters degree in Civil Engineering, as well as a Master’s in Business Administration.

Costas Catsaros is the Director of Project Development, a department - within the University Planning, Design and Construction group - that specializes in costing, scheduling and logistical analysis of capital projects.  A licensed architect, Costas spent 14 years in the private sector before joining the university.


MADE for U of T | Ep. 05 | Steven Scott

In Ep. 05 we start the conversation on media accessibility with our guest, Steven Scott.


MADE for U of T | Ep. 04 | Laura Mingail

In Ep. 04 we hear from Laura Mingail on using emerging forms of storytelling and technologies.

Sherri Biondi is the Senior Director, Device Development at Astra Zeneca. She is a Chemical Engineer with 20+ years of leadership experience developing products for the medical device and life sciences industries. 

Gerald is the Enterprise Systems Senior Project Manager for the Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration (EASI) Team at U of T.

Founder Tom Devlin specializes in new product and business development for emerging consumer and high-tech companies. 

Jennie Kwo is and has been a Product Development Consultant for over 30 years. Her focus is mainly developing medical, consumer and commercial products through all phases of the development cycle.

Clay Burns has enjoyed over twenty years in product design and development. His specialties include devising product solutions and strategies through research, brainstorming, noodling, and prototyping.