Q Migration: Process and Timeline

This is not an official project timeline by any means - it is just an overview of how you might consider breaking up the next year, as we migrate from Blackboard/Portal to Canvas/Quercus.


Preparing for the Migration to Canvas

You've attended the Info session, you know Blackboard/Portal is shutting down August 31, so now what? What can you do right now to ensure a smooth migration?


Canvas Migration: Info Session

We know that everyone has questions about what is happening, when it is happening, and how it is happening. We'll do our best to answer them!


Get Involved in the Canvas Migration at Engineering

The University of Toronto has officially announced that we will be moving from our existing Learning Management System (LMS), Blackboard (known at U of T as the Portal) to a new Learning Management Engine (LME), Instructure’s Canvas (intro video here!).