Talking TEAL: What does your ideal active learning space look like?

Actually, it was less TE and more AL, which was fitting given that we specifically selected a non-technology enhanced room for the meeting (GB202). Active learning happens in a variety of locations with a variety of instructional methods and sometimes, stepping outside a TEAL classroom offers a new perspective.


EdTech Cheatsheet: November 2019 | Vol 1 | Issue 03

We're coming to the end of term - which means, it's time to think about your Quercus courses!


Top strategies to improve your teaching in an active learning classroom

What are techniques that other instructors have implemented to address common teaching challenges when teaching and facilitiating in an active learning classroom?


Collaborative Doodling at the EdTech Workshop 2017

At this year’s Teaching and Learning Symposium “Intersections: Where Instructional Design Meets Learning Science,” Liisa Sorsa visually captured the two opening keynote speakers. Now, apparently this is a thing, but it was the first time I’d seen it in person and it was astounding. In an interview with Canadian Business Magazine, Ms.