Salutations, Maggie!

The ETO is happy to announce our new Learning Module Designer! This is a new role for the ETO and directly addresses the growing need for this specialized work. As part of the ETO's production process, Maggie will be working with faculty and industry experts to analyze what they currently do and tranform it for digital consumption. 

Maggie is starting a year-long secondment to the ETO team, taking on the role of Learning Module Designer. In this capacity, she will be contributing to ongoing projects focused on developing online courses and providing support for Quercus. Maggie is working on her Master’s in Education and hoping to apply her learning on Adult Education to the work.

Maggie's home base is at the Centre for Teaching and Learning, Education Technology team at UTSC, where she has been actively assisting instructors and staff through Academic Toolbox consultations, both on a small and large scale. Before her time at the University of Toronto, Maggie's professional journey included roles in coding, teaching, and skill development in both private and non-profit sectors.

In her leisure time, Maggie indulges in her passion for music, favoring genres such as post-punk, riot grrl, and classic rock. Her evenings are often dedicated to either enjoying horror films or heading to live music venues to catch her favorite bands in action.

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