Quercus Updates

This update: Assignment Due Dates and Times

In this Update:

  1. Assignments Default Due Time
  2. Assignments Bulk Due Date Time Editor

Canvas Updates

This update highlights new Assignment due date options from recent Canvas release notes and deploy notes.


Assignments Default Due Time

Instructors can now modify the Assignment Default Due Time in the Course Settings for each of their Quercus courses. This change allows instructors to modify the Assignments Default Due Time to fit the needs of their course.

The default time is set to 11:59 pm for all courses. To change this default due time, from the Settings, Course Details tab:

  1. Scroll down to the Default Due Time field.
  2. Select a new time using the drop-down menu (you will not be able to type in the field).
  3. Select Update Course Details at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Dropdown menu for changing assignment default due time in Quercus course settings


  • The drop-down menu has a set input type, allowing only hours (not minutes).
  • Changes to the Assignment Default Due time will not update existing assignments with due dates already set.
  • You can edit the details of individual assignments to override the course default due time for those specific assignments.

For more information on Assignment Default Due Time and other Course Details, have a look at the Canvas Instructor guide:


Assignments Bulk Due Date Time Editor

The Bulk Due Date Editor is a handy feature if you are importing assessments from a previous course and need to update the dues dates and availability dates in the new course. This bulk editor has now been updated to include a time field. Previously, only due dates and availability dates could be updated this way and any changes to the due time needed to be made in the individual assignment settings. To access the bulk due date and time editor in your Quercus course: 

  1. On the Assignments page, select the Options icon. 
  2. Select the Edit Assignment Dates option. 

Open Assignment bulk date and time editor

Then, to update the due dates, availability dates, and times of assignments in your course, follow the step-by-step instructions (with screenshots) on the following Canvas Instructor guide: 


  • Due times and Available to times default to the course’s default due time unless you manually change them in the bulk editor or in the individual assignment settings.
  • Available from times default to 12:00am on the selected Available from date unless you manually change them in the bulk editor or in the individual assignment settings.

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