Q Migration: Process and Timeline

This is not an official project timeline by any means - it is just an overview of how you might consider breaking up the next year, as we migrate from Blackboard/Portal to Canvas/Quercus.

The Migration Phase (Now - July 31, 2018)
The largest focus right now is on getting your content out of Blackboard before the system is inaccessible (as of August 31, 2018). The most comprehensive way to do this is to export an Archive .zip file of your course. It is also recommended to download a separate copy of your grade centre. Whether or not you do anything with the Q right now, if you have both of these files for each of your courses, you will be in good stead come the end of August. 
To begin thining about how you will migrate, you can evaluate whether or not your course is suitable for migration. There is no requirement to migrate anything from Blackboard and many do not need to complete this process.
Once you have completed the Migration process, or if you did not need to migrate anything, please fill out this Declaration that you've completed your Migration. This allows us to track who is ready for the migration and it has the added bonus of meaning that you won't be bombarded with reminder emails. 

The Building Phase (July 31, 2018 - First Day of Classes)

Of course, we would love for you to start thinking about building (or re-building) your course in the Q over the summer as well. Many re-visit their course shells in the weeks leading up to the course, regardless of the platform. This summer is a bit different, as we adopt Canvas, but we've set up some resources to support that process:
  1. Review the U of T Quercus Support Resources
  2. Lynda.com Canvas Training (2h 2min) (U of T Account Instructions)
  3. Register for a group Q Course Building Session
  4. Schedule a one-on-one Canvas Support Session (available until August 17, 2018)

The Experimentation Phase (September 01, 2018 - April 30, 2019)

Using a new system requries more time and more energy. You are going to learn a lot your first semester using Quercus/Canvas. You might also have ideas about tools and applications that you'd like to see integrated into the Canvas (which is one of the reasons that this platform was selected). The U of T has a process for evaluating and approving new tools for the Academic Toolbox. You are encouraged to submit those ideas, so that they can be evaluated for integration. You can also watch the progress of integrations, as they are developed and implemented.


The Reflection Phase (June 01, 2019 - August 31, 2019)

After using Quercus for two terms, what would you like to change? What new tools would you like to incorporate? We're not sure where the next eight months will take us, nor exactly what tools will be available in the Toolbox a year from now. But, there will be a lot of new and exciting options, so we are encouraging you to think about what you'd like to build into your course shell and, if needed, to schedule time with the Education Technology Office earlier rather than later.


How to Contact the EdTech Office: If you have any questions or comments, please submit this webform. Using the webform ensures a much quicker answer, as we have multiple staff responding to inquiries.