Learning Outcomes

  1. Explain how elastic stress and strain are related through Hooke’s law
  2. Predict, given Young’s modulus, the strain resulting from a given applied elastic stress, or vice versa
  3. Differentiate between strength, stiffness, and Young’s modulus
  4. Calculate engineering stress and engineering strain
  5. Illustrate how Young’s modulus is a structure independant property
Type: Modules
Title Author Description Copyright
Strong, Light, and Not Too Bendy (SCORM Package) Scott Ramsay
Strong, Light, and Not Too Bendy (Storyline File) Scott Ramsay
Type: Video Links
Title Author Description Copyright
Engineering stress and engineering strain | Link Scott Ramsay

This video covers an introduction to engineering stress & engineering strain. (Duration: 10:39)

Elastic Behaviour | Link Scott Ramsay

This video introduces the elastic behaviour of materials including a basic treatment of the interatomic force separation curve and the atomic definition of Young's modulus. (Duration: 07:30)

But what is modulus, really? | Link Scott Ramsay

In this video I attempt to provide an intuitive understanding of Young's modulus and along the way we come across another material property, the strength. (Duration: 09:24)