Module Overview

Solar Radiation Fundamentals
In this section of the Solar Radiation module, the basic principles of solar geometry are presented including solar declination, solar altitude and solar azimuth.  Then sun path charts are introduced as a useful tool for determine the position of the sun throughout the day and year at a particular location.  This section concludes by showing students how to calculate the angle of incidence of solar radiation on a particular surface and describes the impact that this angle has on solar intensity. 
Solar Radiation and Buildings

In this section of the Solar Radiation module, the impact of solar radiation on buildings is explored including how radiation can be reflected, absorbed or transmitted through various building elements.  Solar gain by both opaque walls and transparent windows are examined along with means of controlling solar gains. Illustrative sample problems are presented throughout in order to assist with the understanding of solar radiation and buildings.


Learning Outcomes

Solar Radiation Fundamentals
  • Determine the solar declination for any location on earth
  • Use solar azimuth and solar altitude to describe the position of the sun relative to a location on earth
  • Calculate the angle of incidence at a particular time and day for a given surface
Solar Radiation and Buildings
  • Calculate the solar heat gain through a window
  • Determine the net heat gains or losses from a window
  • Describe how incident solar radiation can be controlled throughout the year

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