Module Overview

Heat Transfer Fundamentals

In this section of the Heat Transfer module, the concepts of heat and thermal energy transfer are explored along with the governing equation for one-dimensional steady state heat flow. To understand how materials actually resist heat flow and what material properties affect thermal resistance, the fundamental heat transfer mechanisms of Conduction, Convection and Radiation are presented.  Using a step-by-step approach, a series of worked examples are presented so that students can develop a better understanding of these heat transfer mechanisms.

Heat Transfer in Buildings

In this section of the Heat Transfer module, the transfer of heat across the building envelope is examined.  A method of computing the combined thermal resistance of building materials arranged in series is presented. Using these series resistances, students are shown how the one-dimensional heat-flow rate through various building assemblies can be estimated together with the associated energy costs. Temperature profiles through various assemblies including windows and insulated wood-frame walls are examined.  Then, the effects of two-dimensional heat flow and thermal bridging are studied including a method for determining the overall heat transfer coefficient in wood-frame wall systems. In order to provide students with the opportunity to improve their understanding of heat transfer in buildings, a series of worked examples are provided throughout this section.


Learning Outcomes

Heat Transfer Fundamentals

  • Describe the three fundamental heat transfer mechanisms: conduction, radiation and convection
  • Calculate the rate of heat transfer by conduction, radiation and convection
  • Discuss the factors that influence each of these heat transfer mechanisms

Heat Transfer in Buildings

  • Calculate the amount of heat transfer through building sections
  • Develop temperature profiles through building sections
  • Determine the impact of thermal bridging on heat transfer

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