Module Overview

Learning Outcomes

  1. Define the internal energy, enthalpy and entropy
  2. Classify a process as spontaneous or not in terms of the total entropy change of the universe
  3. Explain phase stability in terms of the Gibb’s free energy
  4. Use a binary phase diagram to determine the following for a given overall composition and temperature: what phases are present, the composition of each phase, the amount of each phase
  5. Contrast the amount of a phase in a system with the composition of that phase
  6. Derive the lever rule for determining the amount of a phase present within a two-phase region
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Storyline file for Free time, free money, free energy?
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Internal energy and the first law of thermodynamics | Link Scott Ramsay

(Duration: 19:20)

Derivation of the lever rule | Link Scott Ramsay

(Duration: 11:28)

A systematic approach to phase diagrams | Link Scott Ramsay

(Duration: 8:31)