Module Overview

In this module, you will learn about energy systems, sustainable fuel sources, and the consumer energy landscape.

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Learning Outcomes

Heat vs Work:

In this section, you will learn about the transfer of energy between systems via thermal energy (heat) and mechanical energy (work), and its implications on energy efficiency. 

The complexities of shifting to new fuel sources:

In this section you will gain perspective about:

  • how policy informs consumer demand to shift toward more sustainable fuel sources, and
  • how technological advancements introduce novel complexities and/or challenges, 

and understand how to interpret: 

  • industry metrics such as CAFE standards. 

 using the TELSA Model S case study. 

How consumer demand impacts policy:

In this lesson, you will consolidate & build:  

  • their knowledge from the previous sections and, 

to understand : 

  • the changing global economy in response to consumer demand, 
  • and understand how hybrid fuel sources fits into the energy landscape 

using a Formula 1 racecar case study. 

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