12 Units

Re-Use Encouraged

Online Course

Video Lectures

Project management (PM) has evolved from being an accidental job title into being a chosen profession for many people especially engineers. Even if you choose to follow a strictly technical career path, you will almost certainly be working on projects, and this course can help you understand that context. Employers very much value competence in project management. This course covers most of the knowledge areas and processes of the globally recognized PM Body of Knowledge: integration, scope, cost, time, risk, human resources, stakeholders and procurement management. We take a practical, applied approach. This online course includes video lectures, video guest speakers, reference to web pages, text readings. We will have team papers on “lessons learned” from actual engineering projects. We attract a mix of part-time students from the working world of projects, together with full-time students with little work experience. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the common framework and terminology of project management.
  • Be better able to fit into a formal project environment, or to manage your own less formal projects.
  • Add techniques to your PM “toolbox”, increasing your value to your organization and the marketplace.
  • Increase your own PM “lessons learned” by sharing experiences with others.
  • Gain exposure to Microsoft Project.
  • Optional: With further reading, be prepared to take a project management designation examinations.
Project Components
Introduction to Project Management
Module 2: Project Integration Management
Module 3: Project Stakeholder Management
Module 4: Project Scope Management
Module 5: Project Time Management
Module 6: Organizing for Projects
Module 7: Project Cost Management
Module 8: Project Procurement Management
Module 9: Project Risk Management
Module 10: Project Communications Management
Module 11: Project Human Resource Management
Module 12: Project Management Wrap-Up