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The EdTech Workshop is a free event for faculty, staff and other members of the University of Toronto community. We invite you to join us for an informal but jam packed day of sharing ideas, learning from each other, and yes, doing a little commiseration after a pretty challenging year. While we wouldn't say this is an "unconference," we do focus on conversation, connections, and interaction and are working hard to take our in person event online in the same spirit!

What's the story behind the 2021 theme?

This year's EdTech Workshop has three sub-themes, looking forward to the "after times" when we are back on campus and in classrooms, but thinking about what online aspects (if any) that you'll still use, into the future. 

Stream 1: Reduce | These sessions will feature instructors that have removed some elements of their course that were done in person. This stream is for you if you're wondering about what activities will you do less of in person and what new activities you can implement in their place.

Stream 2: Reuse | These sessions feature instructors who have developed reusable course materials - content, activities, and assessments, harnessing the work they've done this year and paying it forward to their future selves. This stream is for you if you're wondering what to do with all the work you've done to produce learning artifacts (like videos and other things!) and how you can (re)use them effectively in future terms.

Stream 3: Recycle | These sessions will feature instructors who have come up with something brand new for their online courses, taking something perhaps that they did in person and reinventing it or incoporating something totally new. This stream is for you if you're wondering about new teaching innovations and are looking for ideas to apply in your own teaching.

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Have a few minutes? Check our these videos with our speakers to learn a bit more about them, their session, and their go-to COVID hobby! Watch all the videos on the ETO Youtube playlist (also below) or skip to a specific video featuring: Dr. Jennifer Harris | Prof. Chirag Variawa | Prof. Lisa Romkey | Prof. Philip Asare | Prof. Sanjeev Chandra


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EdTech 2021 Recorded Sessions

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