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Prof. Dawson participated in the Remote Editing Program during the summer and fall of 2020. One of his goals when moving to an online platform was to continue to present course content in a way that does the topic justice. Prof. Dawson said, "Calculus III is a very visual course and so lecturing on a blackboard does not do justice to the topic."

Below is an example of the type of video produced in this project. Prof. Dawson is currently undertaking a review and editing process and plans to re-record content over the summer of 2021. After this phase is complete, we hope to share more videos from this project. If you're interested in participating in the EdTech Office's Remote Editing Process, you can get started by filling out this Remote Editing Process intitation form.

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Learning Outcomes

To develop skills to sketch the geometry for a problem and supplement the traditional way of learning using graphical illustrations and interactive simulations.

Project Components
There are currently no other components associated with this project. Likely, this project was part of the Remote Editing Program or was a one-off video project.