Prof. Jennifer Farmer

Preferred Pronouns: She/her/hers
Position Title: Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
Faculty: Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering
Department: Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry (ChemE)
Institution/Organization: University of Toronto


Jennifer Farmer is a Teaching-Stream Associate Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering (CHE) and Applied Chemistry at the University of Toronto. A chemist by training, Jennifer infuses her passion for chemistry into her chemical engineering students by providing them with a strong foundation in applied chemistry knowledge and practical skills through experiential learning. Her development of innovative, applied chemistry laboratories and curriculum material that promote student-centered learning, and exemplify active- and integrative-learning pedagogy, creates an environment that motivates, engages, and challenges her students. Using Inquiry-based and Problem-based Learning pedagogy, Jennifer’s classroom is a space for students to learn how to research and develop lab-based approaches to real-world problems, communicate their solution to various audiences, and integrate appropriate knowledge and skills obtained from other courses to analyze and solve presented problems. Incorporating technology into her classrooms, Jennifer motivates her students to assess their own learning using online self-tests and exit surveys. She also engages them in peer-to-peer learning while simultaneously building a community amongst students. Jennifer has published two papers on the impact virtual labs have on students learning and engagement as well as two conference papers on integrated learning. Her research with undergraduates in laboratory curriculum development provides students unique opportunities to engage in research while providing them with an opportunity to be active partners in the development of content and structure of curriculum. Jennifer’s commitment in supporting students goes beyond the classroom, serving as the Associate Chair Undergraduate Student Experience in CHE. She is also a faculty liaison for several student clubs involved in providing student hand on experience with chemical processes, sustainability, building community and fostering inclusion.

Co-Presenters: Prof. Ariel Chan
EdTech Workshop Year: May 17, 2023
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