EdTech Workshop 2023 Session Leads
Name Session Title Details
Steve Cox | IT SupportLearning Space Management (LSM) The Opencast Content Capture System (OCCS) What is it again?   Steve's missions in life are: Work Mission Coming up with solutions to IT conundrums      Working on solutions to enhance teaching and learning experience for all with a specific focus on providing systems that allow stakeholders access to pertinent information from anywhere at anytime.      Parental Mission: a full time job in itself!!      Shepherding, cajoling, persuading and ferrying as co parent to teenagers    Personal Mission: Juggling the above and attempting to learn on the job(s)  This is the way!! 
Steven Bailey | Director, Learning Space Management CRTL +Shift + Accessibility: Leveraging Technology to create Accessible Learning Environments   As Director, Learning Space Management since 2001, Steven Bailey is responsible for ensuring a quality learning environment for U of T instructors and students, focusing on academic scheduling, classroom design, campus events and classroom technology. As a champion for new classroom technologies, he initiated standardization of the University’s AV-equipped lecterns and is leading the Transforming the Instructional Landscape project, which will upgrade 174 classrooms. Prioritizing a stellar student experience, he was recognized with the 2018 Northrup Frye Award of Excellence for significant contributions to the quality of learning environment. Steve is a past EdTech Workshop Presenter! You can watch the recording of his 2019 presentation (co-presented with Julia Smeed): Transforming the Instructional Landscape.  
Swati Naidu | Instructional Support CoordinatorLearning Space Management (LSM) CRTL +Shift + Accessibility: Leveraging Technology to create Accessible Learning Environments Swati currently serves as the Instructional Support Coordinator with the Tech2U Initiative, under Learning Space Management. Working at the heart of impact and innovation, she is deeply passionate about the applications and intersections of education and technology, in an increasingly digital world. In 2020, as part of Health & Wellness, she led the operational shift towards virtual workshop offerings to support students’ wellbeing by increasing access to health education and information from clinical experts. This opportunity led to her developing an e-onboarding training solution for Metrix, a Toronto-based learning solutions company, using learner-centred principles to drive the design. In her current role, she combines her technical operations, service delivery, and data skills to enhance the classroom experience by humanizing tech support, and ultimately supports bridging the gap between instructors and their students.