• 29Jun

    New Module Series: Start Strong

    Join us this summer the EdTech Office releases a series of self-directed modules, short demos, and hands-on workshops, designed to get you ready to teach your Fall 2021 courses. How much time you commit depends on what works for you! You're in charge of how this program works for you. The ETO's Senior Instructional Technologist, Anna Limanni, has designed a thoughtful and flexible resource to help you design a partially or completely online/remote course.

  • 24Jun

    Weekly Quercus Updates

    This week: Speedgrader Comment Library, Upcoming Crowdmark maintenance,This Week's Faculty Question: I am having issues properly calculating the final grades in Quercus. I see a discrepancy between the marks that I am calculating in my own Excel spreadsheet and the final marks that are coming up in Quercus in the Total Grade calculation. I think the issue may be that I gave students the option to improve their grade by taking the best 5 of 6 assignment scores instead of counting all 6. I’m fine to do this in Excel, but not sure how to incorporate this in Quercus. Is there a setting for this in the gradebook?

  • 22Jun

    July EdTech Events

    Upcoming events: NEW! Lessons Learned Webinars | U of T Events (CTSI, CPP) | Events beyond U of T 

  • 17Jun

    Weekly Quercus Updates

    This week:  Bb Collaborate update, This Week's Faculty Question: I enabled a grading scheme (the UofT Undergraduate Grading Scale) for an assignment in my course so I can assign students letter grades instead of a numerical grade, but it seems that they are still seeing numbers. The worst part is that they are seeing the number that corresponds to the highest possible grade in the letter category I assigned to them in SpeedGrader! Is there a setting I can select so that they only see a letter grade until I’m ready to share the numerical grade? If that’s not possible, how can I at least make sure that they’re not assigned the highest possible grade in the category?

  • 10Jun

    EdTech Tip Sheet: June 2021

    In this Issue: Deletion of Bb Collaborate Recordings ·  Start Strong for Fall 2021 · Quick Tip: Namedrop · EdTech Workshop Recordings

  • 09Jun

    Weekly Quercus Updates

    This week: Rubrics update, ePortfolios update, This Week's Faculty Question: I saw a memo (ACT memo regarding Collaborate Recordings) that on June 30, 2021, all recordings made before May 1, 2021 using Bb Collaborate will be deleted. Is this correct? If so, what can I do to download the recordings I want to keep? Can the EdTech office provide any help? 

  • 03Jun

    June EdTech Events

    Upcoming events: U of T Events (CTSI, CPP) | Events beyond U of T 

  • 03Jun

    Weekly Quercus Updates

    This week: Discussions interface update, Crowdmark's new Sort Roster feature, This Week's Faculty Question: I want to release the Winter 2021 final exam grades and comments back to all the students in my course for viewing. But how do I do this on Quercus where the final exam was set up as a quiz? I tried to check the box related to "Let Students See Their Quiz Responses (Incorrect Questions Will Be Marked in Student Feedback)", but the system doesn't allow me to.