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We're one month away from the EdTech Workshop 2019! Reserve your spot before May 02, 2019 to ensure you get lunch!

The EdTech Workshop 2019 is geared to instructors and members of teaching teams who are, or would like to, teach in an active learning classroom. Re-thinking your course for an active environment takes time, trial and error, and not a small dose bravery. This hand's on, interactive day will give you the opportunity to learn from your peers, investigate some EdTech tools that might help support your activities, and you'll get a chance to explore the new spaces in the Myhal Centre. We begin the day in MY150 - the flagship auditorium - and then branch into self-selected (but fluid) streams (in the a few of the other classrooms).
The themes this year are:
  1. Content Management - How do you build in active learning activities into an already packed curriculum?
  2. Teaching Team Management - How do you support your fellow instructors, TAs, and other members of your in small, medium, or large sized active learning classrooms?
  3. Activity Management - What kinds of activities can you implement and how do you select which one is right for the job?
We'll be joined by the Innovation Hub and ACE who will be sharing their work in the area of Transforming the Instructional Landscape (TIL), who will have a furniture fair set up throughout the show.
We also have a few interesting vendors in the works and are excited to share those soon!
Visit the Workshop Website to learn more about the details: